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My name is Tricia Lynne Drover (formerly Willis) and I am an artist living in Burnaby, British Columbia. My preferred method of self expression is the written word, although I also love photography, gardening, cooking/baking and crafting.  Although art is not my full time preoccupation, it is what gives my life meaning.

The purpose of this website is to give me an outlet for all of my creative works without worrying about my perceived audience. While I appreciate it more than you will ever know if you actually take the time to read and look at my work, at the end of the day it's having a place to say it WITHOUT caring about the reactions of others that is what I need.

That is the reason for this space.

This website displays how I see the world: unfiltered, unadulterated and without censor. It is the most honest part of me laid bare for all - or none - to see.

This is Tricia the Artist.




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