Tricia the Artist

Expression of my perspective.

Sam The Six Foot Rabbit

Based on the characters created by Rev. Lambert Willis


Prologue: How It All Began

              Once, a long time ago, before your father’s father’s father was born, there lived in a place called Blue Meadow a young rabbit couple named the Hoppas. The Hoppas were just like any other rabbits in the meadow until one spring something happened that made the Hoppas very different indeed. It all started the day Mr. and Mrs. Hoppa found out that they were going to have a family. They were very excited and hopped all over the meadow telling everyone the good news. They couldn't wait to be parents!

Before long it became obvious that something was different about their baby. Mrs. Hoppa's belly became very, VERY large. They thought this could only mean one thing - lots and lots of baby bunnies! Mr. and Mrs. Hoppa became very excited indeed.

Finally the big day arrived. Mr. Hoppa bounded up and down the hall, waiting while Nurse Nibbles was with his wife.

Then the door finally opened and Mr. Hoppa turned to look at the nurse. Her nose was twitching very quickly.

“What’s wrong?” Mr. Hoppa asked, jumping up and down.

“Nothing’s…wrong…really,” Nurse Nibbles said slowly, not looking Mr. Hoppa in the eyes.

“What happened? Did something happen? Is something wrong with the children? Is it my wife?” Mr. Hoppa began to jump around, making the pictures on the wall shake.

“No, nothing like that. Maybe you should come in and see for yourself.” She led him into the bedroom where he was greeted by the last thing he ever expected to see. He just stood in the doorway, staring.

There, lying awkwardly in Mrs. Hoppa’s arms, lay a single baby nearly the size of a full-grown rabbit.
For a while no one said anything. Finally Mrs. Hoppa broke the silence.

“Come and meet your son, dear."


Tail One– Sam Goes To School

Sam grew up quickly and was as happy as a young rabbit could be. His parents kept him away from other rabbits his age as much as possible and so he had no idea how different he really was. He was almost three feet tall and his parents didn't know if it was going to stop anytime soon. Although he knew he was a lot larger than his parents he didn’t know how strange it was that he was so very big. If he had given it much thought at all, he would have just thought his parents were unusually small and he would meet other rabbits his size one day.

He was very excited about starting school. He was eager to meet other young bunnies. Mr. and Mrs. Hoppa were very, very fun parents but it wasn’t quite the same as having someone his own age to play with. The night before school he couldn’t sleep. He tossed and turned until sunrise, then hopped out of bed to wake his parents. Since the sun rose nearly two hours before they had to wake up, Mr. and Mrs. Hoppa weren’t very happy about that. They hadn’t slept very well either, because they were nervous about how the other little bunnies would treat Sam at school that day.

Sam was ready to go long before he needed to be, but he was forced to wait for Mrs. Hoppa, who wasn't in as much of a hurry to get to school as Sam was. She dawdled as much as possible but finally she couldn't delay it any longer. Sighing, she told a very excited Sam to grab his lunch. He happily grabbed his lunch pail , put on his windbreaker, and bounded out the door and to the path that led to the St. Peter Lapin school. Slowly, his mother followed behind.

When they hopped into the schoolyard all the other rabbits stopped and stared. Sam paused, unsure of what to do. His mother ignored the other children and kept hopping until she met an older lady rabbit standing near the front door to the schoolhouse. The lady rabbit's jaw dropped as she looked up at Sam. He stood there awkwardly as the silence in the school yard gave way to whispers, and was finally broken by a loud "what's wrong with him, he looks like he's a kangaroo!" The teachers hushed the little rabbit that had spoken, but the damage had been done.

All of a sudden, Sam was not so excited about going to school.


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